Crew Training

Scheduling, grading and records management.

The MINT System is the most advanced system for flight crew training scheduling, AQP/ATQP-Data Collection and records management available on the market. It has been designed for efficient pilot and cabin crew training management at airline training departments as well as flight crew training organizations.

The modern, modular structure of the MINT training management solution allows training organizations to focus on their business while the software handles all employee and training data, manages deadlines for recurrent trainings and provides tools for effective data input and storage.

Crew Records

Keep track. Stay compliant. Simple and secure.

The unique and flexible design of the MINT records engine enables planners to keep track of various types of resources qualifications. Simple and easy to use data-setup and editing functionalities keep all records accessible and editable at any time.

Paper free data storage becomes reality, as any kind of certificate can be stored within the database and linked to each individual’s personal data in the qualifications and records archives.

Crew Qualifications

Keeping flight crew qualifications up to date is essential to any commercial or non-commercial aircraft operator. If a crew member is grounded because of a non-conformity of his licenses, money is wasted without reason. With the MINT System license tracking, operators can effectively monitor all their crew qualifications and medical records as well as any other kind of license automatically. Reminders can be set-up and the system will alert renewals within configurable timeframes.

Instructor Qualifications

Out of date instructor qualifications can get really expensive. If an “invalid” instructor would evaluate and signs off due crew members during their renewal cycle, who will then get back on duty with an “invalid” license and would be discovered by the authorities, enormous fines can be applied. It is absolutely essential, to keep your instructor qualifications up to date and the MINT System is perfectly suited to do all that for you. The system allows to track licenses renewals, instructor and standardization meetings, and alerts you, if an instructor is due for additional training or license renewal.

Crew Training Records

Flexible and powerful currency rule engine

The powerful currency rule engine allows to reflect complex recurrent training requirements and it automatically calculates training due dates for future trainings, which are shown in the currency queue. Qualifications are tracked automatically, the currency queue depicts all individuals who are due for a recurrent training and feeds the information directly into the powerful scheduling engine. Due license periods are visualized for each individual in the scheduling Gantt overview, which allows an easy overview about crew and instructor availability and their current status.

Digital Archive

Keep together what belongs together

The MINT system is an all in one, closed loop environment, which also allows digital archiving of any kind of document. This way, all licenses, certificate, medicals and any another relevant document can be electronically stored and linked to each individual’s personal data in the qualifications and records archives. Of course, it is also possible to create attachments to resources of any kind, for example to link relevant documentation to a simulation device or other kinds of facilities.

Qualification Report

With the MINT System, users can create qualification reports with multiple layouts and for various different purposes. Literally any kind of report can be created within seconds and valuable qualification data is available whenever required in the required format, for example to be printed and saved as PDF report.

Expiration Alerts and Notifications

Never miss invalid qualifications

The currency engine of the MINT system automatically tracks and depicts all license due dates and related renewal periods. Visual alerts and automatic notifications are created and can be rendered in the configurable MINT Gantt overview.

Electronic Grading

Online. Offline. Schedule-Driven.

Grade sheets for crew grading are delivered to the examiner on their tablet or iPad in real time exactly when needed and allow effective control of the data collection process. Scheduled driven data collection and the pre-population of event details together with powerful form rules and fields for individual data input increase the overall quality of evaluation performance data. Flexible grad scales and configurable dynamic reason codes enforce that the appropriate and accurate data is captured prior to form submission. When forms are submitted, their data is immediately associated to the employee training history, eliminating the need of manual data entry.

AQP/ATQP Compliance

The effective data collection and analysis functionalities of the MINT crew training solution support training operators and airlines who want to implement and manage an Evidence based training or Proficiency based training program such as the FAA “Advanced Qualification Program” (AQP) or the European “Alternative Training & Qualification Program” (ATQP) or an own methodology to improve their training efficiency. MINT drives the development and maintenance of individual job task analysis, training need analysis, course curriculums and training evaluation standards.

Training data analysis

Basically, any kind of statistical data can be extracted from the MINT System to allow detailed evaluation of all training procedures. The powerful data collection and process management engine deploys meaningful data reports for example as correlation matrix for immediate analysis. This allows in-depth analysis of crew performance, rater reliability, helps to discover unwanted trends in training development. On numeric table reports, refined “T-Tests” and other in-depth data evaluation can be performed. The data can be issued as table reports, or alternatively also be shown in freely configurable charts for immediate use. This allows ad-hoc adjustments to existing training programs and assures curriculum compliance with both corporate polices as well as regulatory requirements and laws.


Basically all data that is stored within the MINT system, can be depicted in freely configurable charts for analysis of your organizations training and / or business performance. The "Group by" feature for example allows to extract all distinct grades and show only one row per grade. This makes it possible to compare the performance of distinct groups (e.g. CAP and FO) against each other and maybe even include additional individuals as “reference”, to compare the differences in the individual performance. The otherwise undiscovered “low rider” or “easy performer” will become visible, which allows the streamlining for example of your examiner qualification standards.

Read & Sign Workflow

Create and maintain certain workflows within an organization, is essential. The MINT System allows the creation of rule conform Read and Sign Workflows, which must be followed to achieve the required result, for example a sign-off of a license renewal after a successful examination flight. Who is signed off by whom, when, and which is a required preceding event – with the magic of MINT it’s all in your hands.


Paper free. Excel free.

A lot of the magic of MINT lies in its unique scheduling capabilities. The solution handles all stages of planning and automated scheduling flawlessly. Even the most complex training schedules can be generated while respecting qualifications,

availability and corporate work rules. Of course it is possible to manually perform scheduling adjustments at any time. Planning tasks that used to take days or even weeks on paper, can be accomplished with MINT with some mouse clicks within a few minutes.

Training Demand

It all starts with a simple but in the same way difficult question: How much? How much training do we need to perform this month?! Keeping track of hundreds of licenses can be a real challenge. You may relax, because with the MINT System, the calculation and evaluation of this eminent figures is no longer a terrifying nightmare. The MINT currency engine depicts all due employees fully automatically from its internal currency queue and your planners can easily assign trainees with a few mouse clicks to existing schedules, or create new training courses, even trainings at 3rd party suppliers can be planned and tracked within the system.

Flexible Curriculum Design

MINT supports the modeling and relational connectivity of all necessary curriculum components in their applicable details. Planners are able to define curriculum information for all types of training events in unlimited versions and revisions. Rules can be set up individually for each curriculum to determine required resources by their qualification profile and by defining which training information shall be kept in the detailed training history. Course performance can be evaluated with the powerful MINT reporting functionality.

Cost optimized scheduling

MINT optimizes training schedules considering individual business rules, preferences and constraints - while constantly providing the overview about all related business processes! Cost based scheduling allows resource selection based on the less expensive alternative by looking at cost factors like resource cost, travel cost, continuity preferred break cost and removable task cost.

Conflict checks and alerts

Schedules within MINT are automatically and constantly checked for any kind of unconformity. The system will check for valid qualifications, work rule compliance, and that all requirements are covered. It will alert planners visually for any issues in the current assignment status of an employee or resource. A green flag means that all items within the course or schedule are checked OK. If there is an issue with a specific individual planned for a specific course, the assignment status will reflect this and will be flag it respectively to allow immediate reaction of your planning staff.

Automatic notifications

Existing schedules can be easily modified, while employees will be automatically notified by email and via the MINT Web Portal. Forecasts and What-If-Scenarios are supported and the current planning can be kept up to date and changed any time according to requirements and information base. If sign-off by an instructor is required, the system will automatically alert the planning staff and send reminders to the individual instructor.

Web-Access to Grade Sheets

With the integrated MINT WebPortal a powerful web-based complement of the MINT Assistant is at hand, which gives instant access to grade sheets and related training sched-ules and information. Different settings of menus for instructors, trainees, customers, ad-ministration are supported. Each user or user group can be granted access to only the functionality required for their job profile. The schedules of class, instructor, trainee and resources are distributed by date/calendar week/month and can be accessed via any device that has web browser.

Trainee feedback

Trainees are by all means the most valuable critics to evaluate the performance of your training department and instructors. Their feedback can give you many hints on how to improve your services and the overall training quality. With MINT, the opinion collection process is as easy as sending an email. The integrated certificate and form designer mod-ule allows the comfortable creation of any kind of forms. Trainees can access these forms from anywhere, at any time - via MINT WebPortal the forms can be answered on tablets, mobile phones or home computers. The collected feedback will directly be connected to your training data and is available immediately for evaluation and analysis. Filling out forms on paper was yesterday. MINT is today!

Learning Management

Plan. Learn. Evaluate.

MINT LMS is the sophisticated learning management add-on for MINT’s Training Management System. It empowers training organizations to schedule, perform, evaluate and store

online trainings and related trainee data within one single tool. MINT LMS can be integrated into new and existing MINT SaaS environments. No additional set-up or data install is required.

Blended learning

MINT LMS is a powerful solution for blended learning – flexible planning and combination of classroom and home study schedules is being organized with some mouse clicks. Training scheduling, execution and training data analysis is accessible in one single tool. All learning response is instantly transferred, managed and evaluated within the same database.

SCORM compliant engine

WBT content can be assigned with a few mouse clicks. Trainers and trainees get access to their individual course schedule and training data with their individual MINT WebPortal login. MINT LMS supports all SCORM compliant learning material and is compatible with almost all existing content providers.


More function. More comfort.

The open MINT architecture allows the simple implementation of program enhancements with additional functionalities to improve the systems usability.

MINT offers some standard add-ons, which can be ordered and implemented right from the start or later - at any time.

Calendar Synchronization

The MINT Calendar Sync add-on connects the schedule created in MINT with the calendars e.g. in MS Outlook, on iPhones, iPads and all other devices that are linked to MS Exchange or support connection to internet calendars. The Add-On offers three different modes of displaying events. A “high mode” shows assignments exactly as they are planned. The “medium mode” neglects short breaks whereas the “low mode” shows one block from start to end. Synchronizing MS Exchange and the Training Management System eliminates double-assignments and confusion. Everybody has up-to-date information quickly available and knows what is going on. Synchronization periods are fully configurable.

Identity Management

The MINT Identity Management Add-On makes life a lot easier. It’s all about remembering fewer passwords and reducing help desk costs while not compromising security. Two concepts are supported by MINT’s Identity Management Add-On. LDAP: Passwords you type are validated against your personal pool of credentials. It is possible to use one and the same password for all applications. Kerberos: You log in with your system password and automatically gain access to the programs you need to work with. As you do not need to type your credentials again, this is also known as Single Sign-On (SSO).

MINT iPad App

The MINT iPad app connects TMS to the mobile world. The app is divided into two areas: The public area, which is open for everybody who downloads the app where general information about your company and other marketing materials can be published. The password protected private area is reserved for registered users, for example students that are enrolled in an individual training. They can download and use even thousands of pages of training material directly on their iPad. Paperless learning is eco-friendly and cost effective. The app also supports all multimedia-functionalities of the iPad for interactive content and video-tutorials. Flexible editing and bookmarking capabilities allow to highlight and add notes to relevant parts of graphics or texts.

MINT Crew Training Customers

Worldwide successful

Renowned airlines entrust their record keeping and flight crew training management to the MINT Crew Training solution.

Atlas Air

“MINT can efficiently support our recordkeeping needs and supplies us with all kinds of AQP relevant data and the necessary analysis tools to meet the demanding authority requirements in the best way”.


Pilot Training, Record Keeping, Training Scheduling

“We are very happy to have found MINT Software Systems as reliable partner that is capable to provide our new training management solution to the whole group, to allow us combining all our training and records management standards in one software solution. MINT’s outstanding training optimization and AQP data management capabilities will give us a great advantage ahead of our competition, as we will be able to educate our pilots in the most effective and best possible way and therefore can continue to provide a safe and reliable product to our customers”


“MINT spent the time to understand the business and worked with the IT teams to ensure that the solution met the business requirements”.

Empire Airlines

Crew Training, Record Keeping, Training Scheduling

Kalitta Air

“MINT helped Kalitta Air achieve their IOSA certification. This status definitely opens up new business opportunities for us. On the operational level, MINT means to us that we could reduce the training footprint and increase the cycle for recurrent training from 6 to 9 resp. 12 months"


Crew Training, Record Keeping, Training Scheduling


Pilot Training, Cabin Crew Training, Technical Training, Record Keeping, Training Scheduling, Sabre Crew Control Integration

JetBlue Airways

Pilot Training, Cabin Crew Training, Record Keeping, Training Scheduling

“MINT provides a single platform for our scheduling, recordkeeping and data needs while remaining scalable for JetBlue’s future growth. In MINT, we found a vendor that went beyond a simple software usage agreement. MINT is working with us to also identify areas where we could leverage the TMS to improve business processes and solve other problems – this is a real partnership.”

Lufthansa Flight Training

“Our planning is subject to very sophisticated rules and requirements. With MINT we have found a complex system that is able to cope with all that”.

Lufthansa Flight Training CST

“MINT is meeting our requirements for complex structures with various and flexible course solutions for our wide variety of customers”.

Monarch Airlines

Our first customer with our partner Sabre.

SuperJet International

“We evaluated MINT TMS as the best software solution on the training management market. MINT can efficiently support our recordkeeping needs and handle all kinds of training scenarios”.

Virgin Atlantic

“With MINT TMS we have found the best training management solution available on the market today. It will allow us to optimize our training workflows and speed up the ATQP training data collection with its outstanding electronic data gathering capabilities”, says Graham Stokes, Head of Flight Operations Training and Standards at Virgin Atlantic. “We are convinced, that the exceptional electronic grading tools of MINT TMS will help us to significantly enhance the day to day life of our instructors and trainees and that they will really love the instant online access to their up-to-date training schedules in the integrated, multifunctional web portal”

WOW air

Pilot Training, Cabin Crew Training, Record Keeping, Training Scheduling