Taking responsibility

Developing and deploying a software is just one part of our responsibility. To create long and lasting customer relations, we assist our customers during the implementation phase, keep an eye on their feature suggestions, provide efficient support and never leave the customer alone with his product.

This if our definition of a reliable software company, and we take this as our promise. MINT takes you serious and will allow you to get the most out of your MINT solution.

Software as a Service

MINT offers the MINT Training Management System as hosted environment, to allow customers to focus on using the application. MINT will operate, maintain and update the system and provide the necessary support. The advantages of SaaS at a glance:

  • Robust and scalable technical environment – proven and reliable Amazon EC2 based SaaS-Hosting-Packages that can be adjusted to your needs.
  • Faster system implementation and system-update times – The initial installation and all the following updated procedures are performed much faster than in onsite environments.
  • Cost saving – MINT SaaS reduces hardware maintenance and administration cost.
  • Simplified IT Support – MINT will be the contact for all the MINT system related inquiries, 24/7, if needed. MINT will install the production environment and a test-instance.

System Integration

MINT TMS offers a comprehensive Application programming Interface (API) which is used internally by all own modules and that can also be used to integrate external systems or extend system functionality via add-ons.

The API can be accessed via Java Remote Method Invocation (RMI) or Web services. Use of the API requires clients to first authenticate. The API only returns data for which the client user has appropriate permissions. The connection to the API can be encrypted (using TCP/IP and SSL). The API is fully supported using either access method. However, different advantages and disadvantages apply. The choice is usually dictated by corporate security guidelines and network structure, performance requirements and application programming languages.

MINT supports the customers during the implementation and integration phase. Experienced technicians define the best implementation and integration strategy together with each customer individually.

Contractual Support

MINT provides customers an outstanding and friendly support to cover all technical issues and services.

  • All Upgrades and Updates (Bugfixes)
  • 24/7 Application Monitoring for SaaS
  • Guaranteed System Availability for SaaS
  • Availability of MINT Software customer service via phone, email, videocall
  • MINT FAQ section and customer forum
  • Response to all Standard Support Service customer cases within 1 business day
  • Higher support levels can be agreed individually


Before starting the functional phase, the key users are being introduced to the MINT Training Management System. During the implementation phase the key users’ knowledge about the system grows as they actually work with the system on a daily basis. Before the final delivery and go live, they have become MINT experts themselves. After the “real” go live, or during the acceptance process, all other users, such as planners and administrational staff, are being trained to effectively use the system within their functional areas.